NWES are based in Warrington and are specialists in the CCTV Drain surveying, mapping of drains and sewers.


CCTV Drain Surveys

If you’re looking for reliable CCTV Drain Surveys, then get in touch with NWES Drainage and Groundworks.

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CCTV surveys are without doubt the best and most cost effective way to inspect drains and sewers. Our surveys are carried out by experienced engineers and high-tec video equipment is used to view the the drain structure.

Evert week, several householders and property owners contact North West Drainage and Groundworks because their drains are not functioning properly. The signs of a problem can include slow draining sinks and other fixtures, unpleasant smalls or pools of effluent forming inside or outside the building. Often the callers expect locating and resolving the issue to be a costly and inconvenient process.

How happy our customers are when we tell them that in most cases our CCTV drain inspection techniques can pinpoint a blocked or collapsed drainpipe within minutes using the existing access points on your property. Our cutting-edge drain survey equipment consists of remotely operated robots which can navigate the pipework under your land and relay high quality video footage back to the operator. This allows our technicians to find the exact location of the problem, even at a property with hundreds of metres on underground pipes. The images also tell us why the problem is happening whether it be an obstruction, a leak or damage to underground pipes. Once we have this information, our experience team of drain experts will provide a solution and a competitive quotation to resolve the issue.